John's Chimney

Ever wondered what the state of your chimney is? Getting water in your home and you are in search of the source? Considering working with a mason and you need good images to discuss what needs to be done?

Give me a call and I can take pictures for you from above. 

Kevin's Chimneys

20141012-DJI00372A friend is concerned about the state of the pointing on his chimneys.  I grabbed some aerial shots for him to use to determine any work required and when talking with a contractor. For more click HERE.

First Unitarian Gardens

20140910-DJI00304For an interesting and unique perspective I took shots of the Gardens behind the First Unitarian Church on Winton Road.  For the rest of the shots look HERE.

St Joseph's Park

20140806-DJI00128Experimenting with the DJI Phantom to capture great aerial shots of St Joseph's Park in downtown Rochester.  The combination of the perspective and time of day provided some great photos.  More can be found HERE.

Window Issues

20140803-DJI00097The DJI Phantom is wonderful for accessing difficult spots to determine if there is house damage that needs to be addressed.  This homeowner knew that he had some issues with an attic window.  This shot shows the extent of the issue.  A great tool when talking with a contractor about how to remedy the situation.