Sammy's Birthday Hay Ride

20141017-_MG_7101It is kind of crazy that I have lived in Rochester since 1982 and have never been to Power's Farm Market.  Erin arranged to have Samantha's birthday party there this year.  It was a blast and everyone had a great time. Running around in the huge corn teepee, and the night time spooky hay ride.  Go HERE for the complete set.

Erin and Nick's Wedding

20140901-_MG_4404On a beautiful day Erin and Nick became husband and wife at the White House in Webster park.  The outdoor wedding could not have been nicer.  Samantha and Ethan stood up for Erin and Nick and their cousins Madison, Julia and Sasha were the flower girls.  Everyone looked great.  For more go HERE.

Irene at Mt Hope

20131018-_MG_3786I was preparing to do a photo shoot at Mt Hope and wanted to scout out a few locations.  As usual Irene is my favorite subject :) See the rest HERE.

Vinny and Elizabeth are having a baby!

20130714-_MG_8092Irene's nephew Vinny and Elizabeth were looking to get some nice shots of them and her daughter during her pregnancy.  It was a brutally hot day and we hiked in 3/4 of a mile along Irondequoit creek, Linear park. The results came out great, including a shot of her daughter when I noticed some wonderful light hitting her.  See the full set HERE.

Formal Portraits of Grandchildren

20130105-_MG_4954Irene and I wanted to get nice photos of each of our grandchildren to print, frame and have on our walls.  I really like using the Bokeh from using a long lens, f2.8 and Christmas tree lights.  For the complete set go Here.

Erin's graduation from OSTM

_MG_4361Last evening Erin finished her program at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage with a commencement ceremony at the Memorial Art Gallery.  We are really proud of her and are looking forward to her continued success and growth.  We went as a family to the Macaroni Grill for a celebratory dinner.  More pictures go HERE.

Head Shot of Jesse

Last night I was over doing Jesse and Kelly's holiday photo of the family.  Jesse mentioned needing a head shot.  So using light falling on the wall behind him from a table lamp, hidden behind him, along with a shoot through umbrella to his left and reflector on his right we took the shot.

Sunset Shots

Last year Irene and I took some photos of Madison and Julia with their neighbors at sunset that came out really great.  I wanted to try again this year and we got equally great shots, IMHO.  For all of them go HERE.

Father's Day 2012

The other day Kelby training posted a portrait class where one of the sessions was outside with a mom and her son.  Got some cool ideas and tried them out with Jesse and Erin.  For the full set to HERE.

Rachel hits the big 4-0

Irene's niece Rachel turned 40 this year! Her partner Les threw a surprise party for her at their new home. It was great, lots of family time together. See all photos HERE.

Easter 2012 in Boston

We spent the Easter weekend in Boston visiting Tony, Iris, Sasha and Theo. Erin and the kids came along. We had a little road trip. Ethan and Sammy did great. They did say it was a little bit long in the car however :) See all the photos HERE.

Theo turns 3!

This year Theo turned 3. Wow seems like just yesterday Irene and I rushed off to Boston early one Sunday morning arriving in Boston in time for his birth. See all the photos of his party HERE.

Sweet & Sassy

For Valentines Day, Jessie and Kelly took the girls to Sweet and Sassy to get all done up before dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory. For all the photos go HERE.

Sean and AnnieLaurie

Kelly's brother Sean's wedding to AnnieLaurie in Charleston, South Carolina.   Sean's dad Gary asked me to shoot the wedding.  It was a fun day shooting an outside ceremony. Fortunately there was a little over cast which resulted in nice soft lighting.  For the complete set look HERE.

Irene's New Do

Irene came home with a new do and I took some shots in our back yard. The first few shots are daylight light balance with off camera soft box. The latter photos I put a CTO gel on the flash and set to tungsten light balance. This results in the background, daylight, go blue. For the full set go HERE.