Chip and Karen

20130823-_MG_0029Karen was my art teacher back in Duanesburg.  Irene and I get together with her and Chip when we can.  This past fall she delivered an art class in Penn Yann.  On the last night of the class Irene and I drove down and had dinner with them and near where they were staying was this great old, rusted truck.


20130818-_MG_8487One of the prizes at the neighborhood associations chili cook off was a photo shoot provided by me.  Libby and Alison won and just before they moved back to Canada we got the job done.  Libby is a great photographer so it was fun for him to be on the opposite side of the lens, I think :)  One of the shots, the Pano, was done using the Brenizer Method, this is where you use a medium telephoto pretty much wide open.  Take a series of shots and stitch them together.  The effect looks like it was taken with a wide angle lens but the depth of field is not something you would get with a lens that wide. For the rest of the shots go HERE.

Jason Kite Boarding

20130814-_MG_8415On an extremely windy day Jason called to say he was heading to the lake.  These shots are inside the outlet of Irondequoit Bay with the pier in the background. 20130814-_MG_8414