20141010-_MG_6687Jan was looking for some shots for her website.  She asked me to capture her as she would look to someone she were working with.  We had a really fun session, she is so full of life and joy.  Further shots can be found HERE.


20130626-_MG_7353-Edit-2Kristy needed a head shot for her real estate work.  A couple of different backgrounds and looks. For the rest go HERE.


20130614-_MG_7230-Edit-2Nathan recently starting a new career as a financial planner and needed a head shot.  Notice in the set of photos linked below that I delivery both B/W as well as color and square and portrait formats.  I have found this gives the most flexibility for use. For the set go HERE.

Hasman Family

20130407-_MG_6552Tom wanted some head shots of himself and a nice shot of the family using Rochester as a back drop.  We headed over to Corn Hill Landing on a blustery day in April.  We made it quick.  You really can't tell from the photo but it was freezing. See the rest HERE.

Head Shot of Jesse

Last night I was over doing Jesse and Kelly's holiday photo of the family.  Jesse mentioned needing a head shot.  So using light falling on the wall behind him from a table lamp, hidden behind him, along with a shoot through umbrella to his left and reflector on his right we took the shot.

Need a head shot?

If you are in need of a head shot for LinkedIn, Facebook, a business card or whatever let me know at dave.burnet at gmail.com and we'll get it done!