Christmas Eve at Christ Church

I have recently been engaged by the Christ Church in downtown Rochester to provide photos for their website and other promotional and documentation purposes.  Irene and I went to their midnight mass on Christmas eve.  It was a wonderfully musical event. It is a great space, just loaded with history and also is the home of an organ that is a replica of a 1776 organ from Lithuania.  More photos can be found HERE.

John's Chimney

Ever wondered what the state of your chimney is? Getting water in your home and you are in search of the source? Considering working with a mason and you need good images to discuss what needs to be done?

Give me a call and I can take pictures for you from above. 

Little Henry

We spent time with a special little guy, Henry.  He and his parents, Sarah and Mike were just great. Henry tolerated over and hour of shooting, wardrobe changes and finally when we wanted to get a few shots of him asleep he obliged without a fuss. He was just a delight to work with.

Bat Mitzvah for AllyRose

The ceremony was at Temple Sinai in Penfield. The architecture of the building is quite unique, find information about the building here. The wall behind bima is all glass giving the sense of being outdoors. For a photographer it is a great place since there is tons of natural light given that the ceiling is all glass. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the Daisy Flower Mill. Great day and an honor to witness AllyRose passing this milestone in her life.

Matt and Elizabeth

Irene and I had a great time with Matt, Elizabeth and their daughter Maisy. She was a real trouper, we were out in the cold for about 90 minutes. Cute as a button! Highland park came through with the foliage.  Go HERE for the complete set.

Gail Thomas

20141003-_MG_6518On the evening of October 3rd, 2014 Gail had an opening of her exhibit "Contemplation" in the Williams Gallery at First Unitarian Church of Rochester.  Gail is inspired by the beautiful natural forms and colors that abound in both natural landscapes and in the human form.  She explores them in her artwork using the mediums of paint and pastel.  Irene organized the opening and I captured some photos for Gail.  The complete set can be found HERE.

Brooke and Rupert

20131126-_MG_7244My Church, First Unitarian of Rochester, has been putting together periodic post cards on how our church has transformed lives.  Rupert and Brooke coordinate our deaf inclusion ministry. See full set of photos HERE.

Deborah's Family

In support of the Neighborhood Association I donated a family photoshoot to the silent auction we had at our picnic.  Deb was the high bidder.  Irene and I met Deb, Dave and their daughters at Highland Park on a brisk November day.  We had a great time creating some great images.  See the full set HERE.20131110-_MG_6047

The Regan Family at Mt Hope

20131019-_MG_4122Irene and I had a great time this past Saturday with the Regan Family at Mt Hope Cemetery.  The weather and lighting was perfect and the colors!  For the complete shot look HERE.

Irene at Mt Hope

20131018-_MG_3786I was preparing to do a photo shoot at Mt Hope and wanted to scout out a few locations.  As usual Irene is my favorite subject :) See the rest HERE.

Harvest Sunday 2013

Harvest Sunday at Christ Episcopal Church in Pittsford NY.  Children are key participants in the service and a great October Fest type lunch is served.  For all photos go HERE.20131006-_MG_3092


20130925-_MG_2218Irene was with friends at Giva the week of the Fringe Festival and prior to the start of the play she saw Katie Jo Suddaby creating a Mandala in the lobby.  She called and said you need to see this!  I stopped by and we made arrangements to come back and photograph the Mandala and Katie Jo.  I had Irene light it low and from the side in order to pick up the texture of the sand. The remaining photos are HERE.

Riley Family

Carrie won a family photo shoot that I donated to for a Neighborhood association fund raiser.  She wanted some photos with her mom and her son and daughter.  Irene and I met them at the Episcopal home on Mt Hope and used the chapel.  We had a nice time working with Carrie and her family which included her daughter's boy friend.  See all shots HERE.20130909-_MG_1175

Homecoming Sunday

20130908-_MG_0679Like a lot of churches attendance is down during summer months and to celebrate the arrival of fall, the new school year and the return of parishioners Christ Episcopal Church in Pittsford has a homecoming weekend.  They needed to get updated shots for their website and to use in their annual fund drive. Many of my photos were used in a great video they created for their annual campaign which can be found HERE.

For all of the shots I delivered go HERE.


20130626-_MG_7353-Edit-2Kristy needed a head shot for her real estate work.  A couple of different backgrounds and looks. For the rest go HERE.


20130818-_MG_8487One of the prizes at the neighborhood associations chili cook off was a photo shoot provided by me.  Libby and Alison won and just before they moved back to Canada we got the job done.  Libby is a great photographer so it was fun for him to be on the opposite side of the lens, I think :)  One of the shots, the Pano, was done using the Brenizer Method, this is where you use a medium telephoto pretty much wide open.  Take a series of shots and stitch them together.  The effect looks like it was taken with a wide angle lens but the depth of field is not something you would get with a lens that wide. For the rest of the shots go HERE.