Jason Kite Boarding

20130814-_MG_8415On an extremely windy day Jason called to say he was heading to the lake.  These shots are inside the outlet of Irondequoit Bay with the pier in the background. 20130814-_MG_8414


My friend Ron, his brother and co-worker made the trip from Binghamton for one of the practice rounds.  I enjoyed capturing photos through out the day.  See the full set HERE.20130807-_MG_8059

Olympic Lifting

20130727-_MG_8715At Monroe County Crossfit they held a mock Olympic Lifting event.  I set up an umbrella with a light and a spot on the wall behind each lifter. They did all the hard work, I just pushed a button :) For the full set go HERE.

Kevin Pitching

20130524-_MG_6710Irene and I caught the last game of Kevin's HS career. For all the shots go HERE.

Cross Fit Event

Each year Cross-fitters from around the world compete and post results on line, here are a few photos from individuals at Monroe County Crossfit competing. See more HERE. 20130323-_MG_6287

MCC Women's Soccer Nov 4th 2012

Big win today for the MCC Women's Soccer team taking the district E championship.  They are now headed to Florida for the NJCAA National Tournament.  It has been a real honor to photograph a number of their games this year.  For the complete set from today go HERE.

Sailing on Lake Riley

For the last couple of months I have seen colorful balls floating on Lake Riley and hadn't known why they were there.  The other night Irene and I were driving by and say a small number of remote control sailboats.  The light was nice so time for photos. Turns out they are from the Rochester Area Model Yachting Association I talked for a bit with one of the guys there and between races he let me 'sail' his boat, it was quite fun!

For the rest of the shots go HERE.

MCC Women's Soccer

Trying my hand at photographing Soccer.  This is only my second time and I have a lot to learn :)  Thanks Ross for letting me know about the game and access to the field.  For all the photos go HERE. They won BTW 3.0 over Owens CC

Crossfit at the Beach

This past Saturday Monroe County Crossfit gathered at the beach in Charlotte for an offsite WOD - 30 Kettle Bell Swings 70/50, Lunge Walk, 10 Burpees and Sprint to start, 3 rounds for time.  For the full set of photos go HERE.

Kevin Pitching

I've been waiting for a while for my schedule and that of one of Kevin's baseball games to align.  Yesterday was the day in a game on Philips Road in Webster.  My first attempt at shooting baseball.  The conditions were not optimal as I had to shoot through a fence.  Kevin's mom tells me there are more photo friendly parks so here's hoping that our schedules align again where the shooting is easier. There are a number of series of photos of a complete pitch, I was shooting at 7 frames a second. For the full set go HERE.